Things to Do With Kids in Brooklyn

Things to Do With Kids in Brooklyn: Epic Family Fun!

Visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum or explore Prospect Park with your kids for an engaging day out. The New York Transit Museum offers a fascinating look at historical subways and buses for curious minds.

Brooklyn presents a treasure trove of activities that are perfect for children, ensuring that every moment spent is both educational and fun-filled. The borough is rich in cultural experiences, recreational fun, and interactive learning opportunities tailored to pique the interests of young ones.

Whether it’s hands-on creative workshops at the Brooklyn Museum, carousel rides in the scenic Brooklyn Bridge Park, or the innovative playgrounds peppered throughout the area, there is an abundance of choices to keep your kids entertained.

With its unique blend of urban charm and community warmth, Brooklyn offers families a chance to create lasting memories while engaging in a diverse array of kid-friendly pastimes. These activities not only stimulate a child’s imagination but also provide a delightful way for the entire family to bond.

Things to Do With Kids in Brooklyn

Uncovering Brooklyn’s Family Gems

Welcome to the heart of urban family fun – Brooklyn! This vibrant New York City borough boasts a treasure trove of activities perfect for children. This post will guide you through the wonder-filled playgrounds of Park Slope and the engaging waterfront attractions of DUMBO.

Get ready for adventures that will dazzle both young and old alike!

Park Slope Playgrounds

Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood is a paradise for playground enthusiasts. With countless options, your little ones can swing, climb, and slide to their hearts’ content. Here’s a snippet of play areas worth visiting:

  • J.J. Byrne Playground: With an inclusive design, this play space offers fun for every child.
  • Fifth Avenue Playground: Nestled next to the library, it’s perfect after some storytime.
  • The Harmony Playground: Music-inspired equipment that ignites creative play.

Each playground in Park Slope radiates a unique charm, encouraging children to explore to the fullest.

Dumbo Waterfront Activities

The DUMBO Waterfront is a scenic playground with spectacular views of Manhattan. Here are some top-tier activities:

  • Jane’s Carousel: Hop on this historic, lovingly restored merry-go-round.
  • Main Street Park Playground: Splash around in the water jets on hot summer days.
  • Brooklyn Bridge Park Boating: Paddle in the East River with free kayaking sessions.

Savor the outdoors while creating priceless memories alongside the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.

Museum Adventures For Curious Minds

Brooklyn offers a treasure trove of museums perfect for families and children with curious minds. Engage with interactive exhibits and feast on rich history and culture. Let the adventure begin!

Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Immerse in hands-on learning and fun at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Tailored for children, this museum brims with colorful and diverse exhibits. Here’s what awaits:

  • World Brooklyn: A mini-cityscape where kids explore and role-play in shops.
  • Sensory Room: Designed for children with special needs, it’s calming and interactive.
  • Science + Art: Encouraging exploration with engaging STEAM activities.

New York Transit Museum

Travel back in time with vintage subway cars at the New York Transit Museum. Kids love sitting in the driver’s seat and learning how transit shapes our lives. Explore together:

Steel, Streets & ScholarsDiscover the history of the New York City subway.
On the StreetsPeek into the past with an old-fashioned bus and trolley.

Interactive Learning Spaces

Brooklyn buzzes with activities that spark kids’ imaginations and curiosity. Interactive Learning Spaces offer exciting, hands-on experiences. They blend fun with education.

Families explore nature and learn about the environment. Let’s dive into two remarkable spots.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a living museum. It’s a magical wonderland for children to connect with nature. Kids discover plants from around the world.

The garden hosts family-friendly workshops. These events teach about plant life and the importance of conservation.

  • Walk among colorful blooms in the Children’s Garden.
  • Experience the Discovery Garden, tailored for young explorers.
  • Engage in year-round programs like hands-on gardening.

Brooklyn Bridge Park Environmental Education Center

Brooklyn Bridge Park Environmental Education Center offers a window into the local ecosystem. This center presents interactive exhibits. These exhibits teach kids about the park’s wildlife and habitats.

Special programs make learning about the East River ecosystem exciting and engaging.

AquariumsGet up close with river creatures.
Discovery StationsLearn through hands-on activities.
Field TripsJoin educational outdoor adventures.

Both spots promise memorable experiences. They foster a love for nature and science. Brooklyn’s gardens and parks transform learning into an adventure. These outings will inspire budding scientists and nature lovers.

Creative Corners For Young Artists

Brooklyn bursts with exciting spots for young artists to explore their creativity!
From pottery making to interactive media classes, these activities not only entertain but also foster artistic growth in kids.

Let’s dive into the places where your little ones can unleash their inner Picasso!

Bric Arts Media Classes

BRIC brings cultural education to the heart of Brooklyn with classes tailored for children.

  • Animation workshops
  • Filmmaking sessions
  • Digital photography

Professional instructors guide kids as they create their own masterpieces. Check out their schedule online and pick the perfect class!

Hands-on Pottery Making

Clay canvases await at local pottery studios. Perfect for all ages, these classes offer a fun and tactile experience. They help develop motor skills and encourage patience.

Studio NameAge GroupClass Type
Clayworks Brooklyn5-12Weekly Classes
Pottery Pals6+Drop-in Sessions

Whether choosing a one-time session or a series of classes, your child’s creativity will bloom as they shape, decorate, and bring home their unique ceramic creations.

Sports And Recreation Hotspots

Brooklyn offers thrilling sports and recreation spots perfect for family outings. Its diverse options appeal to kids with various interests. From sprawling parks to exciting indoor activities, get ready to unleash energy, have loads of fun, and make lasting memories!

Prospect Park Ball Fields

Prospect Park is not just a green oasis in Brooklyn— it’s a sports haven for kids! With seven baseball fields, it’s a top pick for family-friendly ball games.

  • Kickball, soccer, and softball for group fun.
  • Year-round sports clinics to sharpen skills.
  • Plenty of benches and picnic areas to relax.

But that’s not all—Prospect Park also boasts tennis courts and basketball courts. Many activities, one location. Get everyone’s sneakers ready!

Brooklyn Boulders Climbing Gym

Engage in a vertical adventure at Brooklyn Boulders Climbing Gym! Scale walls and conquer heights in a safe, kids-friendly environment.

  1. Introductory classes to learn the ropes.
  2. Varied climbing walls challenge different levels.
  3. Team-building sessions for groups of friends.

Fun fact: Climbing boosts problem-solving skills! Brooklyn Boulders offers excitement with a side of brain-boosting benefits.

Storytime And Library Fun

Brooklyn bursts with activities perfect for little ones eager for stories and learning. Storytime and Library Fun takes children on an adventure through the magic of books. The Brooklyn Public Library anchors the community with events that ignite young imaginations.

Brooklyn Public Library Events

Discover a world of wonder at the Brooklyn Public Library with family-friendly events. Kids engage in interactive story sessions, crafts, and educational games. They learn, laugh, and make new friends.

  • Weekly Storytimes: Enjoy tales for various age groups.
  • Arts & Crafts: Kids create book-inspired projects.
  • Learning Workshops: Science and reading skills grow together.

Pop-up Storybook Readings

Brooklyn loves surprises, especially when it comes to Pop-Up Storybook Readings. These pop-ups appear in parks, cafes, and even on street corners! Keep an eye on local bulletin boards and social media for the next magical reading spot.

Brooklyn Bridge ParkJuly 1011 AM
Prospect ParkAugust 152 PM
Williamsburg WaterfrontSeptember 511 AM

Exploring Brooklyn with kids turns every day into an exciting story. Library events and surprise readings build a strong love for books. Start planning your family’s next chapter of fun in Brooklyn today!

Seasonal Festivities And Holiday Events

Brooklyn bursts with fun when the seasons change. The borough’s calendar is packed with kid-friendly events that celebrate the time of year. Let’s dive into the excitement and discover what seasonal festivities and holiday events Brooklyn has to offer!

Halloween Parade At The Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Fall in Brooklyn means creative costumes, spooky decorations, and the much-awaited Halloween Parade. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden transforms into a festive playground for ghouls and goblins of all ages.

This family-friendly event invites children to show off their costumes while enjoying themed activities and treats. It’s not just about the candy; the parade is a visual feast with pumpkin carving and eerie plants adding to the Halloween spirit.

  • Breathtaking plant displays
  • Fun costume contests
  • Carving pumpkins arts and crafts

Winter Holiday Markets

When the cold winds blow in, Brooklyn becomes a winter wonderland of commerce and cheer. The Winter Holiday Markets are a must-see. Picture tents twinkling with lights, vendors selling unique gifts, and the scent of hot cocoa in the air.

These markets aren’t just about shopping; they’re an experience. Kids can take part in holiday-themed workshops or meet Santa while parents tick items off their holiday shopping lists.

Market FeaturesActivities for Kids
Unique gifts and craftsPhotos with Santa
Delicious treatsWorkshops and crafts

Family-friendly Festivals And Parades

Brooklyn buzzes with family fun and colorful pageantry throughout the year. Here are unbeatable festivals and parades perfect for kids and adults alike. Enjoy lively music, cultural experiences, and amazing shows – these events create lasting memories for the whole family!

Celebrate Brooklyn!

Celebrate Brooklyn! brings the Prospect Park Bandshell to life every summer. This arts festival showcases a wide range of performances. From indie bands and classical music to dance troupes and movie nights, there’s something special for every family member.

Keep an eye out for the kids’ day, with interactive games and entertaining activities designed just for them!

Annual Cherry Blossom Festival

The Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, also known as Sakura Matsuri, transforms the Brooklyn Botanic Garden into a spectacle of pink and white. Celebrate Japanese culture with your little ones as you wander through rows of blooming cherry trees.

This festival is packed with talented performers, tea ceremonies, and art workshops. It’s a perfect combination of natural beauty and cultural festivities that kids love and learn from.

  • Hands-on Origami sessions
  • Martial arts displays
  • Traditional Japanese games
  • Live music and dance performances

Theater And Performance For Kids

Bright lights and big dreams come alive in Brooklyn’s theaters! Kids love to watch stories unfold before their eyes, and the borough’s vibrant performance scene is packed with shows perfect for young audiences.

We’ve handpicked fantastic theater and performance options that are sure to captivate your little ones and provide a memorable family outing.

Puppet Shows At Puppetworks

Imagine a world where characters come to life through the magic of puppetry! Puppetworks in Park Slope offers a wonderland of tales spun by expert puppeteers, specially crafted for children. Check out the line-up:

  • Classic Fairy Tales: Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and more
  • Seasonal Features: Themed shows for holidays
  • Educational Programs: Engage and learn through play

Reservations are recommended, so be sure to book ahead to secure your spot for an enchanting performance.

Brooklyn Academy Of Music (bam) Kids Film Series

The Brooklyn Academy of Music, or BAM, is a hub for thrilling cultural experiences for kids. Their Kids Film Series showcases a spectrum of animations and live-action films from around the globe. Highlights include:

Film Type Age Group Event Month
Animation 6+ February
Live-Action 10+ March
Special Screenings All Ages April

Capture your child’s imagination with stories that spark creativity and inspire dreams. Tickets can sell out, so plan ahead and prepare for a cinematic adventure at BAM!

Animal Encounters And Nature Explorations

Welcome to a world of wonder where animals roam and nature blossoms. Brooklyn offers thrilling animal encounters and awe-inspiring nature explorations perfect for kids of all ages. Watch as their curiosity blooms in the bustling ecosystems right in the heart of the city.

Let’s dive into the places that make Brooklyn a green and wild treasure trove.

Prospect Park Zoo

Prospect Park Zoo invites families for a close-up look at exotic creatures and local wildlife. Kids can marvel at sea lions, kangaroos, and red pandas.

  • Animal Lovers Meet Their Match: Over 140 species await!
  • Hands-On Fun: The Discovery Center offers interactive experiences.
  • Zoo Quests: Embark on a scavenger hunt while learning about animals.

The zoo hosts year-round educational programs. Join the fun and discover the animal kingdom!

Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail

Enter the serene Marine Park Salt Marsh Nature Trail, a hidden gem where the city meets the sea. This natural wonderland wakes up your senses.

  1. Spot Local Wildlife: From herons to horseshoe crabs, diversity thrives here.
  2. Follow the Trail: A self-guided tour showcases the marsh’s secrets.
  3. Junior Ranger Program: Kids earn badges as they explore and protect.

Bring your binoculars for bird watching or simply enjoy a quiet stroll. Nature’s majesty is on full display.

Culinary Delights For Tiny Foodies

Bite into Brooklyn’s best with your little ones! This borough bursts with flavors that even the pickiest of palates will praise. Delightful culinary adventures await families ready to explore the tasty side of Brooklyn. Perfect for every mini gourmand, these experiences serve up joy, learning, and lots of deliciousness!

Kid-friendly Cafés And Bakeries

Brooklyn’s cafés and bakeries are a playground for the senses. Friendly spots not only serve yummy treats but also welcome families with open arms.

Here’s where sweet memories are made.

  • Whipped Pastry Boutique: Grab a cupcake that’s almost too pretty to eat.
  • The Chocolate Room: Dive into a world of chocolate with your kids.
  • Lulu’s Ice Cream: Cool off with a scoop, or two, of pure happiness.

Cooking Classes For Children

Ignite a passion for cooking in your children with hands-on classes crafted for young chefs. Stir, mix, and roll your way through fun, educational culinary experiences.

Class Age Group Description
Little Cooks and Crafters 4-7 years Make fun snacks and get crafty with food art.
Chef’s Club Junior 8-12 years Build cooking skills in this engaging group class.
Tiny Taste Buds 2-5 years Parent-child classes for a delicious bonding time.

These cooking classes offer more than recipes; they create joy and confidence. Sign up for an adventure in the kitchen your kids will savor long after the dishes are done!

Shops And Boutiques With Unique Finds

Welcome to Brooklyn, a wonderland for kids with its own set of treasured shopping spots. Each boutique and shop offers exclusive items that can’t be found just anywhere.

Let’s explore these magical places where memories and mementos await!

Local Children’s Bookstores

Browsing through a bookstore is a timeless joy. Brooklyn’s children’s bookstores are dreamy havens that ignite young imaginations. Handpicked titles range from classic tales to new adventures. Look for enchanting story readings and signing events also!

  • Spellbinding shelves with books for all ages
  • Puzzles and activities to spark creativity
  • Cozy nooks for captivating story times

Toy Stores With Brooklyn Charm

Experience toy shopping with a personal touch at Brooklyn’s unique toy stores. Filled with handcrafted playthings and whimsical finds, these shops dazzle kids and their parents alike. Watch the delight as children discover toys that become cherished companions!

Unique FeaturesWhat You’ll Find
Eco-friendly ToysFun and safe toys for kids and the planet
Local Artisans’ CraftsDistinct toys that tell a Brooklyn story
Interactive Play AreasSpaces to play and test out new toys

Special events and community gatherings at these toy stores create lasting memories and bring smiles to children’s faces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Brooklyn Kid-friendly?

Yes, Brooklyn is kid-friendly, offering numerous parks, playgrounds, and family-centric attractions like the Brooklyn Children’s Museum and Prospect Park Zoo.

Is Dumbo Brooklyn Good For Families?

Dumbo, Brooklyn offers family-friendly parks, reputable schools, and a safe community environment, making it ideal for families.

What Is Free To Do With Kids In Nyc?

Explore Central Park’s playgrounds, visit the High Line, or enjoy storytelling at the New York Public Library, all free for kids in NYC.

Is Williamsburg Brooklyn Family-friendly?

Yes, Williamsburg in Brooklyn is family-friendly, offering parks, activities, and schools suitable for children and parents.


Exploring Brooklyn with youngsters offers an adventure at every turn. Delightful parks, interactive museums, and kid-friendly eateries await. Whether it’s a family day out or a birthday bash, Brooklyn caters to all. Memories made here will be cherished by your little ones for years to come.

So, go ahead, venture out and create joyful moments in Brooklyn!

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