Best Furniture Stores In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

20 Best Furniture Stores in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY

Greenpoint is a neighborhood brimming with creativity and style. It is the home to numerous furniture stores that showcase their unique designs and handcrafted pieces. These boutiques blend Brooklyn’s traditional charm with the contemporary trends, offering an unique mix that caters to people of every taste and budget.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect sofa, a statement dining table, or quirky accents to elevate your space, Greenpoint’s furniture stores are a well-kept secret waiting to be revealed.

In this guide, I will explore the 20 best furniture stores in Greenpoint, each of them are a local favorite where creativity meets craftsmanship. From vintage finds to modern masterpieces, these stores are renowned for their diverse collections, welcoming atmospheres, and expertise in transforming any house into a dream home. Join me as I discover these gems of Greenpoint.

20 Best Furniture Stores in Greenpoint, Brookly

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, each furniture store is a gem, offering a unique blend of style, quality, and service. From vintage finds to modern masterpieces, these top rated stores are renowned for their diverse collections, welcoming atmospheres, and expertise in turning any house into a dream home.

Let’s discover these local favorites where creativity meets craftsmanship, making furniture shopping an adventure in itself.

1. Mattress Firm Greenpoint

Address: 759 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-383-1218
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 10 AM to 8 PM; Wednesday – 10 AM to 8 PM

Mattress Firm Greenpoint stands as a beacon of rest and rejuvenation in Brooklyn, embodying a commitment to ensuring that every customer experiences their best sleep, night after night. With a team of dedicated Sleep Experts®, who undergo over 200 hours of training, the store offers a comprehensive sleep solution tailored to individual needs, encompassing mattresses, bedding, and essential sleep accessories.

Located in the heart of Greenpoint, this establishment is more than just a mattress retailer; it’s a place where the science of sleep is taken seriously. Mattress Firm Greenpoint offers an extensive range of top-brand mattresses, including industry leaders like Sealy®, Tempur-Pedic®, Sleepy’s, Serta®, and more, ensuring that every customer finds their perfect match.

Shopping at Mattress Firm Greenpoint is an experience marked by confidence and convenience. The store’s Love Your Mattress Guarantee® ensures that customers not only enjoy competitive prices on America’s best brands but also benefit from a 120 Night Sleep Trial®, providing ample time to ensure the chosen mattress is indeed the perfect fit.

Understanding the importance of accessibility and ease, Mattress Firm Greenpoint offers a range of service options, including delivery, in-store pick-up, and a welcoming environment for in-store shopping. The store is designed to be inclusive, with a wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking, ensuring a comfortable visit for all customers.

In addition to offering a wide selection of mattresses, the store also provides assembly services, making the transition to better sleep as seamless as possible. For payment flexibility, Mattress Firm Greenpoint accepts NFC mobile payments and credit cards, catering to the modern shopper’s needs. For those in search of a haven of sleep in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Mattress Firm Greenpoint is the ultimate destination, where the pursuit of the perfect night’s sleep is met with expertise, care, and the best in sleep technology.


Address: 272 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States
Phone: +1 646-450-1469
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 11 AM to 7 PM

Nestled in the dynamic neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, BEAM is a one-stop destination for those seeking an eclectic and forward-thinking approach to home furnishings, lighting, and décor. With a keen eye for design and an adventurous spirit, BEAM curates an inspiring collection from iconic, established brands as well as fresh, emerging artists and designers, ensuring a selection that is both timeless and on the cutting edge.

Whether you’re in the market for a stylish and comfortable sofa or looking to add a touch of whimsy to your space with quirky, design-forward accessories, BEAM’s carefully selected inventory promises to delight and inspire. The store proudly showcases brands such as Gus* Modern, Tom Dixon, Ferm Living, and Menu, among others, offering a diverse range of options to suit every aesthetic and need.

BEAM’s commitment to creating a unique shopping experience is evident not only in its product assortment but also in its service options. Customers can enjoy the convenience of delivery or the personal touch of in-store shopping. For those on a tight schedule, BEAM makes it easy to plan a quick visit without compromising on the quality of your experience.

Understanding the importance of flexibility in today’s fast-paced world, BEAM accommodates various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and NFC mobile payments, making every transaction smooth and hassle-free.

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, BEAM stands out as a beacon for design enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike, offering a curated selection of the best in furniture, home goods, and gifts. It’s a space where creativity meets comfort, and every visit is an opportunity to discover something extraordinary.

3. renewfinds

Address: 67 West St #214, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday, by appointment; Saturday, Sunday – 12 PM to 5 PM

Nestled in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, renewfinds stands as a beacon of sustainability and timeless design. Founded by the visionary Jess, renewfinds is more than just a furniture store; it’s a movement towards creating homes that resonate with joy and tranquility. During times when our living spaces have become our sanctuaries, renewfinds offers a curated collection that transforms ordinary spaces into realms of comfort and style.

With Jess’s profound background in interior design and an impeccable eye for aesthetics, every item in the store is handpicked, ensuring that it not only enhances the beauty of your home but also stands as a testament to superior craftsmanship. The collection at renewfinds celebrates the elegance of vintage furniture, advocating for environmental sustainability by offering pieces that are not just furniture, but heirlooms that have withstood the test of time.

As an Asian-owned and women-owned small business, renewfinds takes pride in its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The store is a harmonious blend of impeccable service and accessibility, offering kerbside pickup, delivery, and in-store shopping. The physical space is thoughtfully designed, featuring a wheelchair-accessible lift, toilet, and car park, ensuring that every visitor can navigate the store comfortably.

renewfinds is more than a shopping destination; it’s a community hub that resonates with the values of diversity, inclusion, and respect, as evidenced by its LGBTQ+ friendly environment. For a personalized shopping experience, appointments can be scheduled, allowing patrons to explore the collection at their own pace.

For those who value the fusion of exquisite design, sustainability, and unparalleled service, renewfinds is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re revamping your space or searching for that unique piece that tells a story, renewfinds in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is your gateway to a world where every item has a narrative, waiting to be part of your home’s tale.

4. Brooklyn City Furniture

Address: 820 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 347-457-5727
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Monday: 12 PM to 6 PM; Tuesday – Wednesday: Closed

Brooklyn City Furniture stands out as a beacon of style and sustainability in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. This renowned furniture store has been shaping the interiors of Brooklyn homes and beyond for over a decade, with a steadfast commitment to quality and innovative design. Specializing in a range of styles including industrial, mid-century, rustic, and modern, Brooklyn City Furniture ensures that each piece reflects the unique personality and lifestyle of its owner.

This women-owned small business goes beyond just selling furniture; it’s about creating a lifestyle. Their diverse collection includes not just furniture but also an array of lamps and decor, making it a trendy hotspot for those looking to infuse their spaces with a sleek, modern vibe or a touch of timeless charm.

Understanding the dynamics of city life, Brooklyn City Furniture offers convenient service options such as kerbside pickup, in-store pick-up, and even same-day delivery, ensuring that your dream furniture reaches you with utmost ease. Their commitment to inclusivity and community is evident through their wheelchair-accessible entrance and LGBTQ+ friendly environment, making every visitor feel welcomed and valued.

For those who appreciate the fine art of furniture assembly or prefer a hassle-free experience, Brooklyn City Furniture provides expert assembly services. Payment is a breeze with options like credit cards and debit cards, allowing for a smooth transaction.

In a nutshell, Brooklyn City Furniture is not just a store; it’s a destination where every piece of furniture tells a story, waiting to become a part of your home narrative. Whether you’re revamping your space or starting anew, a visit to Brooklyn City Furniture at Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is sure to inspire and transform.

5. Elpida Vintage

Address: 67 West St 3rd floor suite 340, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Website: Elpida Vintage
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – Open 24 hours; Sunday – 12 PM to 5:30 PM

Stepping into Elpida Vintage feels like a journey back in time, a place where each piece of furniture tells its own story. Tucked away in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, this boutique is more than just a vintage store; it’s a haven for those looking to infuse their living spaces with the timeless elegance of mid-century and postmodern designs.

Elpida Vintage isn’t just about selling furniture; it offers a full spectrum of services including sourcing, event staging, interior decorating, and even prop rentals, ensuring every client’s unique needs are met with impeccable style.

The store’s collection is a testament to the enduring appeal of exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing items that boast a quality rarely found in today’s market. For those with a discerning eye, Elpida Vintage is the go-to destination for furnishing homes with pieces that are not just furniture, but investments in beauty and sustainability.

Proudly woman-owned and committed to the community, the store extends a warm welcome to all, offering convenient services like kerbside pickup, in-store pick-up, and even same-day delivery for those last-minute finds. Accessibility is a priority, with a wheelchair-accessible lift ensuring everyone can explore the treasures within.

Beyond the exquisite collection, Elpida Vintage understands the importance of a connected shopping experience, offering amenities like free Wi-Fi and ensuring a safe and inclusive space for the LGBTQ+ community and transgender individuals. Planning your visit is a breeze, with the option to schedule an appointment, ensuring a personalized and intimate browsing experience.

Whether you’re a serious collector or simply in search of that perfect statement piece, Elpida Vintage stands out as a gem in Greenpoint’s vibrant furniture scene, offering a blend of quality, uniqueness, and a deep commitment to both community and the planet.

6. Sentient Furniture

Address: 276 Greenpoint Ave Building 9 floor 5, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 888-236-8862
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 9 AM to 5 PM; Saturday, Sunday – Closed

In the bustling neighborhood of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Sentient Furniture stands out as a beacon of artistic innovation and exceptional design. More than just a furniture store, Sentient operates as an art studio and design firm, renowned for its collectible furniture pieces that are as much works of art as they are functional items. This small yet impactful business has established itself as a destination for those seeking furniture that makes a statement.

At the heart of Sentient Furniture’s philosophy is the belief that furniture should not just be seen but felt, engaging both the senses and the consciousness of the viewer. Their creations range from the subtle and serene to the audacious and bold, always striking a balance between artistic expression and practical utility. The team at Sentient is not afraid to experiment with materials that are rare or challenging to work with, adding an extra layer of uniqueness to their pieces.

In terms of service, Sentient Furniture is accommodating and customer-focused. They offer delivery and in-store pickup options, ensuring that your chosen pieces reach you in the most convenient way possible. Accessibility is a key consideration, with both a wheelchair-accessible entrance and lift available, making the artistic journey accessible to all.

Sentient Furniture is not just about selling items; it’s about providing an experience. With services like assembly and repair, they ensure that the relationship with your furniture lasts long after the purchase. The store environment is welcoming and inclusive, proudly supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Additionally, the provision of amenities like free Wi-Fi makes every visit to Sentient a comfortable and connected experience.

For payment flexibility, Sentient Furniture accepts cheques, credit cards, and debit cards, accommodating various customer preferences. This establishment is a must-visit for those in Greenpoint and beyond who seek furniture that transcends the ordinary, pieces that not only fill a space but enrich it with a story and a soul.

7. Otto’s Vintage

Address: 181 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 804-971-6655
Website: Otto’s Vintage
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Thursday – 12 PM to 7 PM; Friday to Saturday – 12 PM to 8 PM; Sunday – 11 AM to 7 PM; Monday – Closed

Otto’s Vintage emerges as a charming and eclectic hotspot in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, offering an inviting array of vintage furniture, home decor, clothing, and even records. This boutique encapsulates the essence of a bygone era, making it a treasure trove for collectors and style enthusiasts alike. As a woman-owned small business, Otto’s Vintage prides itself on creating a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the diverse tastes and interests of the Greenpoint community.

For those who appreciate the nostalgia and craftsmanship of vintage pieces, Otto’s Vintage is a must-visit destination. The store regularly updates its collection, ensuring that each visit is a new adventure. To keep up with their seasonally changing hours or any special announcements, customers are encouraged to check Otto’s Vintage on Instagram, where the vibrant spirit of the store is vividly showcased.

While Otto’s Vintage specializes in in-store shopping, offering a tactile and visually rich experience, it also caters to those looking for a quick visit. The store is renowned not only for its unique product assortment but also for its commitment to providing a personalized and unhurried shopping experience.

When it comes to payment options, Otto’s Vintage accommodates its customers by accepting credit cards, making transactions smooth and hassle-free. For those drawn to the allure of vintage charm and seeking a memorable shopping experience in Greenpoint, Otto’s Vintage stands out as a delightful destination, combining the warmth of the past with the convenience of the present.

8. Futonland — Functional Furniture Factory Outlet & Mattress Gallery

Address: 255 Calyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-349-8640
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday – 9 AM to 6 PM; Sunday – 9 AM to 6 PM

Futonland — Functional Furniture Factory Outlet & Mattress Gallery is a testament to growth and dedication, evolving from a modest specialty futon store in Queens, NY, in 1995, to a renowned nationwide brand serving customers across all 50 states. Specializing in urban functional furniture and natural sleep products, Futonland has successfully merged the convenience of online shopping with the personalized experience of in-store visits.

Despite its vast expansion, the essence of the brand remains rooted in offering personalized solutions and maintaining a workshop ambiance where craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are paramount.

Catering to a diverse range of home furnishing needs, Futonland is not just about futons; it’s a one-stop outlet for all room furniture, boasting an array of futon frames, covers, mattresses, and more. The commitment to quality and customer-centric service is evident in every aspect of the business, from the user-friendly online presence to the inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly environment in the stores.

For those navigating the busy streets of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Futonland ensures a seamless shopping experience with a variety of service options. Whether it’s kerbside pickup, same-day delivery, or a quick in-store pick-up, the brand goes the extra mile to accommodate the unique needs of every customer. Accessibility is a key focus, with a wheelchair-accessible entrance ensuring everyone can explore the wide range of functional furniture offerings.

Moreover, Futonland understands the importance of after-purchase support, offering assembly services to assist customers in setting up their new additions hassle-free. Payment options are diverse, accepting cheques, credit cards, and debit cards, ensuring a smooth transaction process.

For residents and visitors of Greenpoint looking for quality, functionality, and attentive service, Futonland — Functional Furniture Factory Outlet & Mattress Gallery stands out as a reliable and enriching choice.

9. Elephant Custom Furniture

Address: 67 Van Dam St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: 917-509-3581
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 9:30 AM to 5 PM; Saturday – 11 AM to 4:30 PM; Sunday – Closed

Nestled in the creative heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Elephant Custom Furniture has carved out a distinct niche in the world of bespoke woodworking and furniture design since its inception in May 2011. Renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, Elephant Custom Furniture is the go-to destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind cabinetry, unique furniture pieces, and intricate millwork.

From the warmth of custom kitchen cabinets to the sophistication of specialty doors, reception desks, and paneling, Elephant Custom Furniture brings the visions of designers, architects, and homeowners to life with unparalleled finesse. Their expertise extends to creating bespoke solutions for every space, be it a cozy kids’ bedroom, an elegant home office, or a luxurious bathroom vanity.

Elephant Custom Furniture’s reputation for excellence has earned them the privilege of contributing to significant renovation and construction projects, including works by re-known architects like Tadao Ando. Their ability to blend unique value engineering with the artistic vision of their clients ensures that every project not only meets the desired budget but also exceeds expectations in terms of design and functionality.

Understanding the importance of time, Elephant Custom Furniture commits to a remarkable turnaround time of 6-8 weeks from approval, ensuring that every project progresses smoothly and efficiently. Their dedication to maintaining the highest industry standards is evident in every piece they create, whether it involves integrating wood with metal, glass, or laminates for ornamental decoration, or mastering custom veneer layup and finishes.

With a vast inventory of materials and a team of skilled craftsmen, Elephant Custom Furniture stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in the construction industry. No project is too big or too small for them, and they welcome everyone through their doors, ready to transform wood into wonders.

10. Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op

Address: 39 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 12 PM to 7 PM; Wednesday – 12 PM to 7 PM

Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op is a fresh and lively addition to the Greenpoint, Brooklyn scene, captivating locals and visitors alike with its eclectic mix of vintage furniture, housewares, clothing, and more. With new treasures arriving daily, the store promises a unique and ever-changing shopping experience, open seven days a week from 11 am to 8 pm.

Conveniently located at 39 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op is a destination for those in pursuit of one-of-a-kind finds and nostalgic gems. The co-op’s commitment to providing a diverse and dynamic selection ensures that every visit is as exciting as the last.

Accessibility is at the forefront of Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op’s values, with a wheelchair-accessible entrance and parking available to ensure a comfortable and inclusive shopping environment for all. Whether you’re planning a quick visit or a leisurely browse, the co-op welcomes you to explore its vibrant collection at your own pace.

Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op is more than just a store; it’s a community of vintage aficionados and style seekers. Payment is a breeze, with options including credit cards, debit cards, and NFC mobile payments, making it easy for everyone to take a piece of the past home with them. For those captivated by the charm of vintage and the thrill of the find, Dobbin Street Vintage Co-op is a must-visit destination in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

11. Teak New York

Address: 42 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 347-689-3542
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 11 AM to 9 PM; Wednesday – 11 AM to 7 PM; Monday – Closed

Teak New York stands as a testament to the journey and vision of its founder, Caitlin, whose adventures and life experiences are intricately woven into the very fabric of the store. Located in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Teak New York is more than just a furniture store; it’s a reflection of a journey that began in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania and meandered through the cultural tapestry of Northern Europe.

Caitlin’s odyssey, marked by academic pursuits and a deep-rooted love for art and culture, led her to create Teak New York. The store embodies the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics, offering a collection that celebrates coziness, simplicity, and modern design. Each piece, whether handmade by Caitlin or carefully selected from overseas, tells a story of her travels and her passion for the Nordic way of life.

Teak New York is proud to be a woman-owned business that resonates with the heart of Greenpoint’s diverse community. The store offers a range of convenient services, including kerbside pickup, delivery, in-store pickup, and even same-day delivery for those spur-of-the-moment needs. Accessibility is a cornerstone of their operation, ensuring a welcoming space for everyone with a wheelchair-accessible entrance and lift.

The ambiance of Teak New York is one of inclusivity and warmth, making it a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community and transgender individuals. Whether you’re planning a quick visit or a more leisurely shopping experience, the store is designed to cater to your pace and preference.

At Teak New York, payment is hassle-free, with options including credit cards, debit cards, and NFC mobile payments. This haven of Nordic-inspired decor is not just about furnishing spaces; it’s about bringing Caitlin’s vision of home and harmony to the bustling streets of Brooklyn, one unique piece at a time.

9 more recommended furniture stores in Greenpoint

Address: 655 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 717-379-5666
Website: Copper+Plaid
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM; Thursday to Wednesday – Closed

Tenon Design
Address: 117 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 917-202-5278
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Not specified

Ted Badea Furniture CO
Address: 245 Freeman St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 718-349-9797
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 10 AM to 5 PM; Saturday – 10 AM to 3 PM; Sunday – Closed

Address: 41 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 917-480-0636
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 11 AM to 6 PM; Wednesday – 11 AM to 6 PM

Address: 421 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 917-771-4164
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 9 AM to 5 PM; Saturday, Sunday – Closed

Porter James of New York
Address: 116 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 929-337-9387
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Monday to Friday – 11 AM to 4 PM; Saturday and Sunday – 12 PM to 6 PM

Address: The Forom, 67 West St #105, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 844-757-1224
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM; Saturday, Sunday – Closed

Two Worlds Arts
Address: 307 Kingsland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States
Phone: +1 212-929-2210
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Tuesday – 9 AM to 4 PM; Wednesday – 9 AM to 4 PM; Saturday, Sunday – Closed

Address: 489 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States
Phone: +1 718-383-6465
Google Maps: Check Location Here
Opening Hours: Thursday to Wednesday – 11 AM to 5 PM; Friday – 12 PM to 5 PM; Saturday to Monday – Closed

How do the furniture styles and selections vary among stores in Greenpoint?

The furniture styles and selections in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, are quite diverse, reflecting the neighborhood’s eclectic and artistic vibe. Stores in the area offer a range of furniture options catering to different tastes, preferences, and interior design themes.

Here’s a breakdown of how furniture styles and selections vary among stores in Greenpoint:

  1. Vintage and Antique Stores: Greenpoint has a number of shops specializing in vintage and antique furniture, offering unique pieces that add character and history to any space. These stores typically feature a collection of mid-century modern pieces, rustic antiques, and retro furnishings.
  2. Modern and Contemporary Boutiques: For those who prefer a more modern aesthetic, there are furniture stores in Greenpoint that offer sleek, contemporary designs. These shops often showcase minimalist styles, with clean lines and neutral color palettes, perfect for a chic, urban living space.
  3. Artisanal and Custom Furniture: Greenpoint is known for its artistic community, and this is reflected in its furniture stores that offer artisanal and custom pieces. Local craftsmen and designers showcase their work, offering bespoke furniture that can be tailored to specific sizes, materials, and designs.
  4. Sustainable and Eco-friendly Options: With a growing awareness of environmental impact, some furniture stores in Greenpoint focus on sustainable and eco-friendly furniture. These shops offer pieces made from recycled materials, sustainably sourced wood, or other green materials, catering to environmentally conscious consumers.
  5. Budget-Friendly and Second-Hand Shops: For those on a tighter budget, Greenpoint has several thrift stores and second-hand shops where one can find affordable furniture. These places are great for finding unique pieces without breaking the bank, though the selection can be more unpredictable.
  6. Luxury and High-End Showrooms: At the higher end of the market, there are furniture stores in Greenpoint that offer luxury pieces from well-known designers and high-end brands. These showrooms often feature the latest trends in interior design and offer a full range of services, from design consultation to white-glove delivery.

What are the price ranges for furniture in Greenpoint stores?

Furniture ItemBudget-Friendly ($)Mid-Range ($$)High-End ($$$)
Sofas200 – 800800 – 2,0002,000 – 5,000+
Dining Tables100 – 500500 – 1,5001,500 – 4,000+
Bed Frames100 – 400400 – 1,2001,200 – 3,000+
Wardrobes/Closets150 – 600600 – 2,0002,000 – 5,000+
Coffee Tables50 – 300300 – 800800 – 2,000+
Office Chairs50 – 250250 – 500500 – 1,200+
Outdoor Furniture100 – 400400 – 1,0001,000 – 3,000+
This table is a general guide. For exact pricing, it’s best to visit or contact the specific furniture stores in Greenpoint.
  • Budget-Friendly ($): These items are typically mass-produced and may include basic designs and materials. They are functional but may lack unique features or high durability.
  • Mid-Range ($$): This range includes better quality, more features, and often better aesthetics. The furniture is a balance between quality and cost.
  • High-End ($$$): These items are usually from premium brands, offering superior craftsmanship, luxurious materials, and unique designs. They often come with higher price tags due to their quality and exclusivity.

Which furniture stores in Greenpoint offer custom-made pieces?

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, several furniture stores offer custom-made pieces, tailoring their products to meet specific customer needs and preferences. Among them, the following stores are known for their custom furniture options:

  1. BEAM: This well-regarded store is known for its modern and unique furniture pieces. BEAM offers custom furniture options where you can choose from a variety of styles, materials, and finishes to create a piece that perfectly fits your space and taste.
  2. renewfinds: Specializing in upcycled and restored furniture, renewfinds offers custom services where they can create or modify pieces according to your specific requirements. They focus on sustainability and uniqueness, making them a go-to for eco-conscious consumers looking for custom solutions.
  3. Brooklyn City Furniture: Known for its wide range of furniture styles, Brooklyn City Furniture offers custom furniture services. They provide personalized solutions, allowing customers to select materials, designs, and dimensions that suit their individual needs.
  4. Elpida Vintage: While primarily focusing on vintage furniture, Elpida Vintage is also known for its ability to source and customize pieces. If you’re looking for a vintage piece with a modern twist or need modifications to an existing piece, they might offer solutions to meet your needs.

Are there any eco-friendly or sustainable furniture options in Greenpoint?

In Greenpoint, Brooklyn, the commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is evident in its array of furniture stores that offer environmentally conscious options. These stores focus on providing furniture that not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of a space but also ensures minimal environmental impact.

The eco-friendly furniture options in Greenpoint come from stores that prioritize the use of sustainable materials, ethical sourcing, and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

Key features of these eco-friendly furniture options include:

  • Sustainable Materials: Stores in Greenpoint often stock furniture made from recycled, reclaimed, or responsibly sourced materials. This includes wood from managed forests, recycled metals and plastics, and non-toxic, biodegradable fabrics.
  • Local Craftsmanship: Several stores promote locally crafted furniture, reducing the carbon footprint associated with transportation and supporting the local economy. This furniture is often handcrafted, ensuring unique pieces and a reduced need for mass production methods that are more harmful to the environment.
  • Durability and Longevity: Furniture pieces in these stores are built to last, countering the throwaway culture that contributes to environmental degradation. By ensuring a longer lifespan for each piece, these stores encourage a more sustainable consumption pattern.
  • Minimalist Designs: Some stores focus on minimalist designs that require fewer materials and resources to manufacture, further reducing the ecological footprint of their products.
  • Ethical Business Practices: Beyond the products themselves, these stores often demonstrate a commitment to sustainability through their business operations, including energy-efficient stores, waste reduction policies, and community initiatives aimed at environmental conservation.
  • Customization for Sustainability: Certain stores offer customization options, allowing customers to choose eco-friendly materials and designs that align with their personal values and sustainability goals.

While specific store names and product ranges would require current local research, the overarching presence of eco-friendly furniture options in Greenpoint reflects a community and a market that values sustainability, ethical consumption, and environmental stewardship.

What delivery and assembly services do Greenpoint furniture stores offer?

Greenpoint furniture stores offer a variety of delivery and assembly services to cater to the convenience and needs of their customers.

Here’s a breakdown of the typical services you might find:

  • Standard Delivery: Most stores provide standard delivery services where the purchased items are delivered to the customer’s doorstep or building entrance. This service may come with a flat fee or vary based on the distance from the store to the delivery location.
  • White Glove Delivery: Some high-end furniture stores in Greenpoint offer white glove delivery services. This premium service includes careful handling of the furniture, delivery to the specific room of choice, full assembly or installation, and removal of all packaging materials.
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Delivery: For customers needing their furniture quickly, some stores provide expedited delivery options like same-day or next-day delivery, subject to stock availability and additional fees.
  • Scheduled Delivery: Understanding the busy schedules of New Yorkers, many stores allow customers to schedule delivery for a specific date and time window that suits them best.
  • Assembly Services: While some furniture items come pre-assembled, others require assembly. Stores often offer assembly services either included in the delivery fee or as an additional service. This can range from simple tasks like setting up a bed frame to more complex assemblies like modular sofas or wall units.
  • Old Furniture Removal: A few stores also provide a service to remove old furniture when delivering new items. This service is often subject to an additional fee and may need to be arranged in advance.

It’s recommended to inquire directly with the specific furniture store in Greenpoint for the most accurate and detailed information regarding their delivery and assembly services, as these can vary significantly from one store to another.

Are there any unique or specialty furniture stores in Greenpoint, Brooklyn?

Yes, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, is known for its unique and specialty furniture stores that cater to a variety of tastes and styles.

Here are some highlights of the distinctive types of furniture stores you might find in the area:

  1. Vintage and Antique Shops: Greenpoint has several stores specializing in vintage and antique furniture, offering pieces with rich history and character. These shops are treasure troves for unique finds, often featuring restored or well-preserved furniture that adds a timeless charm to any space.
  2. Artisan and Handcrafted Furniture: The neighborhood is also home to stores and workshops where artisans create handcrafted furniture. These pieces are often customizable and made with high-quality materials, offering a personal touch and exclusivity in design.
  3. Modern and Contemporary Stores: For those with a taste for modern aesthetics, Greenpoint hosts furniture stores that showcase contemporary designs, featuring clean lines, minimalist concepts, and innovative materials.
  4. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options: Reflecting a growing demand for sustainability, some furniture stores in Greenpoint focus on eco-friendly and sustainable practices, offering furniture made from recycled materials, sustainably sourced wood, or non-toxic finishes.
  5. Cultural and Global Collections: Greenpoint’s diverse community is reflected in furniture stores that offer a range of culturally inspired designs, featuring artisanal pieces from around the world, providing a global perspective on home décor.
  6. Designer Showrooms: The area is also known for housing showrooms of renowned furniture designers, where one can find high-end, designer pieces that are at the forefront of furniture trends and design innovation.

How do the furniture stores in Greenpoint cater to different room needs (living room, bedroom, etc.)?

Furniture stores in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, are renowned for their diverse and comprehensive collections, catering to the various needs of different rooms in a home.

Here’s how these stores typically address the furniture requirements for various living spaces:

Living Room:

  • Sofas and Sectionals: Stores offer a range of seating options from modern, sleek designs to more traditional and comfortable pieces.
  • Coffee and Side Tables: A variety of tables in different styles, sizes, and materials to complement the seating arrangements.
  • Entertainment Units and Bookshelves: Functional pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for storage and display.


  • Beds and Mattresses: From space-saving Murphy beds to luxurious king-sized options, along with a selection of comfortable mattresses.
  • Wardrobes and Dressers: A variety of storage options to keep clothes and accessories organized.
  • Nightstands and Vanity Tables: Functional pieces that add convenience and style to the bedroom setup.

Dining Area:

  • Dining Tables and Chairs: Sets ranging from compact designs for smaller spaces to grand tables for formal dining rooms.
  • Bar Stools and Counter Tables: For a more casual dining setting or for homes with a kitchen island or counter.

Home Office:

  • Desks and Chairs: Ergonomic furniture designed to ensure comfort and productivity.
  • Storage Solutions: Bookcases, filing cabinets, and shelving units to keep the workspace tidy and organized.

Outdoor Space:

  • Patio Sets: Durable and weather-resistant furniture to enjoy outdoor living.
  • Outdoor Loungers and Hammocks: For relaxation and making the most of the outdoor space.

Additionally, many stores in Greenpoint also offer a range of lighting fixtures, rugs, and decorative accessories to complement the furniture and enhance the overall decor of the room.

The stores are known for their ability to blend trendy, modern designs with classic, timeless pieces, ensuring that there’s something to suit every individual’s style and functional needs.

What are the return and exchange policies of furniture stores in the neighborhood?

The return and exchange policies of furniture stores in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, can vary significantly based on the store’s individual practices and the type of furniture purchased.

However, most stores typically adhere to the following general guidelines:

  1. Return Period: Many stores offer a return period, often ranging from 7 to 30 days, during which customers can return their purchase for a refund or store credit. Custom-made or special-order items might have stricter return policies or may not be returnable.
  2. Condition of Returned Items: Generally, items must be returned in their original condition, unused, and with all the original packaging and receipts. Stores might refuse returns or charge a restocking fee if the item is returned damaged or without the necessary documentation.
  3. Refunds: Refunds are usually processed in the original form of payment. If the purchase was made in cash, some stores might offer a refund via check or store credit.
  4. Exchange Policy: Stores often allow customers to exchange items within a specific period. The conditions for exchange might be similar to those for returns, requiring the item to be in its original condition.
  5. Restocking Fees: Some furniture stores in Greenpoint may charge a restocking fee for returns or exchanges, especially if the item needs to be repackaged or if it was a special order.
  6. Custom and Special Orders: Custom-made or special-order items are often non-returnable and non-refundable due to their personalized nature. It’s crucial to be certain about these purchases before finalizing them.
  7. Delivery Fee Refunds: If the store provided delivery services, the delivery fee is usually non-refundable after the service has been completed.
  8. Proof of Purchase: Keeping your receipt or proof of purchase is crucial, as most stores require it for processing any returns or exchanges.

To avoid any inconvenience, it’s highly recommended for customers to review the return and exchange policy of the specific furniture store in Greenpoint before making a purchase.

This ensures clear understanding and alignment of expectations regarding returns, refunds, and exchanges.

Do any furniture stores in Greenpoint offer interior design or consultation services?

Yes, several furniture stores in Greenpoint offer interior design or consultation services to help customers create cohesive and aesthetically pleasing spaces in their homes. These services typically include:

  • Personalized Consultation: Design professionals or experienced staff members meet with customers to understand their style preferences, functional needs, and budget considerations. This can happen in-store or, in some cases, through a home visit.
  • Space Planning: Consultants often provide space planning services, helping customers choose the right furniture pieces and layout to maximize the functionality and flow of their space.
  • Custom Furniture and Styling: Some stores offer custom furniture options or assist in selecting fabrics, finishes, and accessories to personalize the space according to the customer’s taste.
  • 3D Renderings and Visualizations: Advanced services may include creating 3D renderings or virtual representations of the designed space, allowing customers to visualize the end result before making a purchase.
  • Project Coordination: For larger projects, some stores may offer project coordination services, overseeing the order, delivery, and installation of furniture, and ensuring that the design vision is executed seamlessly.
  • Follow-up Services: After the completion of the project, some stores provide follow-up services to ensure customer satisfaction and address any concerns.

It’s advisable for customers interested in these services to inquire directly with furniture stores in Greenpoint for specific details, as offerings can vary greatly in scope, style, and price.

What are the operating hours and best times to visit furniture stores in Greenpoint?

The operating hours of furniture stores in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, can vary, but they generally follow a standard retail schedule. Typically, stores might be open:

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): Most stores open around 10 or 11 AM and close between 6 and 8 PM.
  • Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): On Saturdays, stores might also open at 10 or 11 AM but could close a bit earlier or later, depending on the store. Sundays might have shorter hours, often starting at noon and closing around 5 or 6 PM.

As for the best times to visit:

  1. Weekday Mornings: Visiting on a weekday morning can be advantageous as the stores are likely to be less crowded, offering a more relaxed shopping experience and more personalized attention from the staff.
  2. Weekdays: Generally, weekdays are less busy compared to weekends, making it easier to browse the stores at your own pace.
  3. During Sales or Promotional Events: If you’re looking for deals, visiting during sales or promotional events is beneficial. However, be prepared for a potentially higher number of shoppers.
  4. Avoiding Peak Times: If possible, try to avoid peak times like weekends or late afternoons/evenings when the stores might be crowded, especially if you’re looking for a more consultative shopping experience.
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